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Step 1 : How to find the necessary atlases and maps?

Use vertical or horizontal menu to choose the branch of industry you are interesting in. The main page of each branch contains the detailed information about mapped objects and their characteristics that you can find on the maps and atlases of this part. The territory or area shown on the map is distinctly indicated in the title. After choosing the branch (OIL or GAS, or METALLURGY, etc.) and the type of product (Atlas or Map, or Reference Book) you can see on the screen the whole list of products (for example the list of Atlases on OIL&GAS Industry). Each item in the list is supported with the detailed information about scale, size, price (excluding VAT), year of publishing, language, etc.

Step 2 : How to get the detailed information?

If you take an interest in some atlas or map you may get more details if press the button “Enlarge” under the small picture or press the reference “Details >>>”. The enlarged illustration will be shown and the detailed description occurs in the next window.


Step 3 : How to select the products into the “Shopping basket”?

If your interest to the product (map, atlas) is not disappear, you may choose Your order variant: the type of map (printing matter with both-sided lamination, computer version or information cartographic system), the language (Russian or English, if possible), the number of copies. Then press the button “Order” to put it into the “Shopping basket”. Please, put attention while reading the annotations to the computer versions of maps and to information cartographic systems.
“Shopping basket” means the list of all chosen goods. Press this button in vertical menu to see the list of chosen atlases, maps, reference books, their quantity and price. You can add something, change the amount and delete using the button “Change quantity”.

Step 4 : How to register the order?

When you fill the “Shopping basket” with chosen products, you may press the button “Next” to register the order. 
It is necessary to indicate your full name (first name and family name), the name of  the company (for invoice), the phone number (for contacts), E-mail (for invoice duplicate).
If you choose to pay in cash we shall call you to discuss the advance and the delivery time. If you choose the payment in clearing, please print the invoice with the bank account of our firm.
Attention please! The delivery inside and outside Russia is not free of charge. The express-delivery inside Russia takes from 2 to 4 days (depends upon region). It is necessary to order the special permit for export of maps outside Russia ($ 25 per map).
For more details contact us: sales@oilmaps.ru and Moscow phone numbers: (495) 585-5915, 402-2055, 571-0974